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The To-Do-List

Purple doll employed magic to seduce a man. She lay on her backand the guy licks her pissy. Then, he fucks her. Then she began making a jerk of her fat body. The guy was not confused and started licking her tight anus. Then he stuck his long sexy cock into her a**hole. She squealed in delight. She was experiencing greater and greater pleasure as he put her in various positions. It went on for quite some time.

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[KlimSpree] Cow Sister (Gravity Falls)

Another one short but fun comics with a parody that proves that Gravity Falls is an amazing location – Mabel Pines has growned up into sweet and curvy (where she’s needed) hottie who loves to fuck and only here you need to go outside and someone with large and hard cocks will find her in no time! You’re sure that having a sex session in the woods is the most enjoyable outdoor activity for summer.

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Gettin Dipper 1

Gravity Falls is fantastic and lets you sneak a glimpses of the hot redheads who shower. We won’t divulge all the details of this long tale, but if you are looking for Hentai-related parodies you want to see nudity but also a mystery with some humor, you should check this one! You can also find other great GF-related items on our site!

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What could be more perfect than Mabel Pines then to hang out with Dipper! The answer is kinda evident – it’s be hanging out with two Dippers ofcourse! The idea isn’t as crazy as it is portrayed in “Gravity Falls”, plus, this comic parody of hentai comics keeps the attention on the logic of the plot. Spanish language version.

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Lick My Heart Out

What is the purpose of hentai parodies? They can be used to showcase that your favorite cartoon characters have unique relationships! You might also like Mabel and Dipper from “Gravity falls”. You can check out this comic that features the characters experience a long and sleepless nights, but also have funny and cute moments.

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Gravity Falls – Phat Mysteries

Gravity Falls is without any doubts a place with lots and lots of mysteries yet the most intriguing of them this summer will be the question of how Wendy has turned from hot redhead teen into curvy redhead sexbomb! And not only her – looks like even the most flat bitches now has some tits and quite playfull attitude… Well, lets waste no more time and begin to explore (even though this exploration theme is from another cartoon series)!

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